March 4, 2009

My knees are officially fucked.  Again.  As the doctor at the sports medicine clinic explained to me (and which I knew from rounds one and two of this over the past 15 years, but was conveniently ignoring), since this is a syndrome there is no cure, only management.  In the interim, there is only pain.
It turns out that going back to running four years ago was a good thing at the time – it did enough general muscle strengthening to placate the problem.  Now, though, it’s a hindrance – not running won’t make it better, but continuing to do so (or to do anything) without braces, orthotics, and physiotherapy (expensive, all of them) will make things worse. As if being confined to this one project, this one apartment wasn’t enough.  It feels like my body is conspiring against me, curtailing my few avenues of mental and physical escape.  Grrrr.

3 Responses to “Confirmed”

  1. Running is tough on the body. You seem to like the long-distance thing…Cycling is low-impact. Just a thought.

  2. flaneur Says:

    I do like the distance thing. Proximity to the canal makes cycling a good option, and it has the bonus of being outdoors. My neighbourhood has tons of pools, I might go back to swimming as well.

  3. so what ever happened to you? the devoted followers of your blog want to know.

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