New look

December 15, 2008

Yep, the only thing I’ve done with my blog in a month is change its look. I’ve been marking my students’ most excellent essays, and am about to turn around and grade their final exams.  I’ve been writing (seriously!) my fourth chapter and getting excited about it, I’ve been applying for jobs and post-docs – cross your fingers.  I’ve travelled for R.’s parents’ 40th anniversary weekend, played with Alice in the snow, and then the ice, and then the snow, and then the ice. The blog has sadly been an afterthought in all of this – a guilty afterthought, as pithy observations will occur and I’ll think “I should blog about that!” but obviously never do. I’m hoping that this winter, with my writing groove on, I’ll come back to this more often as an outlet for the thoughts that just don’t fit elsewhere.