November 10, 2008

R. and the dog and I spent the weekend at a tiny cottage in Ste Agathe.  The constant rained trapped us inside, and, having agreed to go sans laptops and without a cell connection, we played a lot of gin rummy and watched a lot of movies and ate a lot of food.  And lots of not wearing pants.  I’m unpacking now, and I’m tired – not from the weekend, but from being back and realizing that real life starts again pretty much now.  Between his work and his school, and my school and my work, “quality time” is hard to come by and even harder to let go.  What I can’t shake, though, is just how after all that quality time I still want more.  Right now.  For the resolutely independent person that has generally grown frustrated with (the interpersonal demands of) a significant other fairly quickly in the past, this is a new sensation.  It’s not even rattling me.

That’ll have to sit with me for awhile.  Other updates that will be elaborated upon soon: the new laptop (better WoW graphics, whee!  Still not good enough to play Spore, boo.  Ah, well, all good things in time).  I’m working my way into chapter four.  Only four classes left in my course, and my students are still most excellent.  Before I get around to all this, though, I’m going to fall asleep pretending it’s not yet Monday.


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