October 28, 2008

I have something to confess: I now play World of Warcraft (or, as I’ve learned, WoW). It started simply enough, when I humoured R. for his birthday by agreeing to a free three-week trial. That was months ago, and I’m still playing.  I’ve moved past my initial uncertainty about throwing fireballs at boars who were just minding their own business, but that isn’t yet the same thing as knowing what I’m doing.  I still wander randomly into a forest, turn my avatar around a few times to figure out where I am, and in the midst of killing things that attack me, eventually find whatever I’m supposed to be after.  I check maps a lot, and seem to have just as poor a sense of direction in virtual life as in real life. I have two characters (I can’t yet bring myself to call them toons) – a sly redheaded mage that I play with one of R.’s, and a muscular hunter elf that I play on my own.  The latter has just recently tamed a pet bear, now named Borus, which increases his killing sprees immensely. To my surprise, I’m enjoying this.  It handily diverts me from thinking about how I’m not drinking in the evening, and I’ve even had a WoW-styled dream.  I can see how the game gets addictive.  So there you have it – geekdom really is a slippery slope.


One Response to “Confession”

  1. […] sit with me for awhile.  Other updates that will be elaborated upon soon: the new laptop (better WoW graphics, whee!  Still not good enough to play Spore, boo.  Ah, well, all good things in time).  […]

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