March 21, 2008

One of those nights when you feel like a parody of yourself, of the selves you’ve been over time.  Moving from one room to another with the wineglass between your right fingers and the bottle between your left, Ani on the stereo and an HBO series on the television, a cigarette trailing off on its own as you get distracted.  Ignoring the dog’s obvious “You woke me up” tolerance for snuggling, googling yourself to see what you may have been up to, pacing.  Not physically per se, but pacing nonetheless.  Counting down to bedtime by how empty the bottle is.  Blogging.


March 18, 2008

I met Sheila McCarthy yesterday.  She’s petite and chipper and I managed to not call her Polly.

Quirky dog habit #1

March 9, 2008

Alice likes to gouge out her toys’ eyes. As you can see, she’s already viciously blinded the whale and the horseball. I brought home a new toy today and she went straight for its bulging plush eyeballs. Huh.