Feminists are sexy

October 18, 2007

Empirical proof of what many of us have known all along – feminists do it better.

What lingers

October 14, 2007

The feel of his hands on my skin, the whispered promises repeatedly fulfilled, the sight of his grin morphing into a moan, the heat of his breath coming harder and faster against the back of my neck. The sore satisfaction of every muscle, the condom wrappers in the tangle of discarded sheets, the comfort of fading in and out of sleep in his arms. The anticipation, the daydreaming. My smile.


October 11, 2007

The election results for my hometown. I’m not surprised that the PC took it – it’s been Conservative for ages and ages – but that the Green party made such inroads. I was struck by the preponderance of Green party signs over the weekend, and by the local media’s anxious rhetoric of the riding becoming ‘progressive,’ as that’s an adjective I’ve never associated with my rural community. But the demographics are slowly changing – the previously decimated downtown core now sports boutique clothing stores and cafes, cycling as a class marker is shifting (now a leisure activity for the affluent- perhaps something that can be enjoyed on the new holiday weekend, about which a suspicious rant is brewing – rather than as the only means of transportation available to some)… interesting. Had there been no riding redistribution a few years ago, the outcome may have been even more surprising.


October 11, 2007

the Ontario habit my parents won’t let me shake. I made new mixed cds and we hit the road. The glove compartment was air-conditioned – such decadence! GB pointed at the train each time it raced alongside the highway, snapped pictures out the window as we crept up on my hometown. The sign for kilometre 666 is still missing on the 401 West. The layover in Toronto went by too quickly. Drunk in my parents’ basement we giggled like teenagers, tiptoeing excessively to sneak out late at night for a smoke. We clambered down rocks determined to make our way to the base of the waterfall, we sunbathed and swam at the beach (seriously). The meals were enormous. I stocked up on Baco Noir at the LCBO. We dallied long past Monday; it’s somehow now the middle of another week of meetings and lectures and I’m terribly unprepared, but at least the weekend is fewer days away than usual.